Sorry For Inactivity

Just writing a quick update to first off to apologise for the recent inactivity as I have moved out of care and into my own place so I have been busy with that and right now I haven’t been doing well mentally so I haven’t had wanted to watch films so I haven’t been able to review anything but I am back and I have about 5 posts queued to be published over the next few days to make up for my absence and hopefully will be keeping up with posting regularly.

Thanks for understanding


Update 08/11/17

Sorry I have been inactive for so long just been struggling to get time in with having my laptop break then having to try and fix it and college but I am back and will have a whole load of posts up sharpish. Dont forget to like my Facebook and follow my Twitter for frequent updates.



Upcoming Reviews

This is a rough idea of what I will be reviewing for you guys for the next few weeks.

Emoji Movie (just to tear it to pieces cause I know its going to be bad)

Wayne’s World

Tropic Thunder

War for the Planet of the Apes

The Hitmans Bodyguard

Following (Christopher Nolan’s First Film)

Why I don’t post regularly

Just a quick update on why i don’t post regularly and this is due to not having the time to get down to the library to get on WordPress as for some reason it wont work on my home computer now this is being sorted and i will give an update when it is up and running