The Purge: Election Year

The Purge: Election Year is the third film in the Purge series. The film stars Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell and Joseph Julian Sofia to name a few of the cast. The plot follows Senator Charlie Roan who after being a victim during one of the annual Purges and now vows to eliminate the Purge and this makes her a target on Purge night. First of I hate the fact people say this is a horror when its more of an action thriller and therefore I will treat it like a action thriller, there is a few creepy and slightly disturbing moments but not enough to say it is a horror.

The original purge film wasn’t all that great and I didn’t find it scary and I didn’t find it thrilling but due to word of mouth from friends saying the second one was better I thought I would try Election Year when it came on Sky Cinema. When sticking on the film I expected a boring story and over the top action and violence for no reason and after the story started to build I was intrigued and slowly became invested in the characters which in the first one I just couldn’t careless. The action was over the top but it was thrilling and fit in the story and wasn’t like we have money lets just make that blow up then that now that and have gore splatter it was added in a way that it fit and didn’t feel out-of-place. The film didn’t feel stupid and just repetitive like the first season of 24 when Kim is always being kidnapped. The whole cat and mouse of the Senator and her body guard getting hunted down didn’t get boring you were constantly on the edge of your seat. Now for the negatives the ending didn’t bring closure to the story and left questions unanswered but they left it open for a sequel you might say well your wrong because the next Purge is a prequel and the ending of the film leaves now way for them to make a sequel to it unless it doesn’t follow the premise and the structure of the previous installments. Overall I did enjoy Election Year and I did have investment in the characters that I rarely find in these films.

Rating 7


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