Attack The Block

Attack The Block is a Sci-Fi Comedy written and directed by Joe Cornish and is his directorial debut and stars a young John Boyega who is now known as Finn from the new Star Wars films and also stars Nick Frost and Jodie Whittaker. After a meteor crashes a gang of hooded youths lead by Moses (Boyega) are attacked by a small vicious alien which after Moses killing it they go back to their housing block more aliens start invading and are out for blood. First of Boyega performance is exceptional for a then inexperienced new comer to the industry not saying it’s Oscar material I’m saying he has the potential with experience and the right help to achieve those heights in my opinion he just needs a few mediocre drama roles to get the right role for him to show his depth. Cornish has written a story with the perfect balance of action, comedy and mystery to provide an enjoyable popcorn film that entertains and people will stick on when they are looking to pass the time it doesn’t break new ground or have some massive plot twist or mind fuck. Nick Frost has a smaller role than what I expected when he first came on-screen but he still provides a few chuckles. Overall the film does what I imagine it sets out to do and that’s entertain and provide some good chuckles along the way.

Rating 7.5


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