Blade Runner 2049 First Impressions

So the second trailer for Blade Runner 2049 just dropped today and I had a few things I wanted to share with you. First of for those who have seen the original you will know it is more of a philosophical drama than it is a Sci-FI action movie and the sequel looks like a big budget hollywood action fest which im not saying that’s a bad thing but I feel that fans of the orignal film will be disappointed with but it is only a trailer and you do get the same vibe from the first films trailer but not as much as in this one. Second of the film doesn’t have Ridley Scott as Director or Writer but as an Executive Producer which i think is a huge mistake but with the director of Sicario Denis Villeneuve at the helm it will still be in safe hands. With Scott at the helm we would more than likely get what he visioned happened after Blade Runner and not someone elses vision.

So what do you think Blade Runner 2049 will be like or what genre it will form leave a comment below as i love hearing everyone’s opinion.


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